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Flat Plate Inverter Battery NL - 165
Product Code: #0015
MRP : 9000
Offer : 8348
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Source of Dependable Power



  VOYAGER Inverter Batteries are dependable source of Power back-up ideally suited for extreme environmental and erratic power conditions. From state of the art manufacturing facility, these batteries are designed to deliver top performance and long life.


  Features :

Safety Vent plugs
Specially designed to eliminate acid loss in the cell

Corrosion Resistance Terminal Post.
Heavy-duty terminal post improves current flow

Durable polypropylene Cell Container.
Impact resistance Container to house negative & positive cells.

Intercell  Connections
Spot-welded to increase current flow.

Negative Plates.
Latest computer designed grid to enhance optimum utilization of active materials thereby increase performance.

PVC/Glass Mate Separator
Low electrical resistance PVC separator to eliminate internal short-circuit and allow better circulation of electrolyte & glass mate reduces top-up requirement of electrolyte.

  Applications :
UPS Systems

Emergency Lighting


Switchgear Operation in Substations


Alarm Systems

Genset Starting Operations

Model Voltage
Capacity Dimensions (mm) Dry
Ah Length Width Height
N-150 12 135 516 272 240 31.5 18
N-165 12 150 516 272 240 33 17
N-200 12 180 516 272 240 36 15
N-1500 12 150 516 272 240 32 17


Constant Voltage Charging is recommended for maintaining the battery in fully charged state.

Recommended Charging Voltage is 13.8~14.2 V.

The charging current should be maintained as given below



Electrolyte level should be checked after every 2 months. The required water topping-up-frequency is 4 months under ideal conditions.

Only distilled water/de-ionized water should be used for topping-up the battery. Tap water/mineral water/acid filling can damage the battery plates.

If a wet charged battery is stored, additional charge is required after every 15 days.

If a wet battery is transported, following precautions must be taken:

  • Ensure the battery vent-plugs are proper tightened.
  • Ensure no over filling.
  • Battery to be upright with terminal facing-up.

General life expectation of battery under ideal condition 2-3 years.It is highly dependent factors:

  • Application
  • Operating Temperature
  • Depth of Discharge
  • Maintenance
  • Frequency of Power cuts


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