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Home UPS - Inverter 300VA (Only Unit)
Product Code: #0001
MRP : 3500
Offer : 2800
Qty :
Availability: Ex-Stock

Capacity :  
  300VA / 12V  
  Features :
Microprocessor based technology using Mosfet.
Connector based single card.
Software controlled Auto reset feature for over load.
High and low input voltage protection.
By pass switch if system fails (optional)
Fumeless, noiseless, cleaned safe use.
LED and Audio indication for different status.
Battery over charge and deep discharge protection.
Soft start inverter mode for starting heavy loads.
Electricity saving up to 70%.
Technical Specifications :

Input / AC Range (Charging)

: 140V - 280V
DC Input : 10V - 14V
Transfer Time : <70ms
Wave Form : Quasi Square
Frequency : 50hz ± o.5
Efficiency : >90%
Power Factor : 0.8
Charger : Multistage intelligent charging, bulk mode,boost mode, absorption, pulse and time based pulse.
Protection : Short circuit, Low and high voltage cut off.
     {Specifications are subject to change without notice}
  Applications :
  • Bulb
  • Fan
  • Television
  • CFL
  • Stereo
  • Mixer



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